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Marquette Method Natural Family Planning

Things You Should Know

The Marquette Method is a 21st century evidence-based system of Natural Family Planning that incorporates the newest hormonal monitoring technology to help couples achieve and avoid pregnancy. 

The Marquette Method allows women to monitor their menstrual cycles as a window into their health. 

Marquette Method instruction is only provided by trained healthcare professionals (doctors and nurses) who have completed a comprehensive training program through Marquette University. 

Effectiveness of the Marquette Method

Studies have found the Marquette Method to be 98-100% effective for avoiding pregnancy when directions are followed with perfect use. This makes the Marquette Method a safe, natural, and effective alternative to hormonal contraception.

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How it Works

Couples make a decision at the start of each menstrual cycle as to whether they hope to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Couples will keep track of their fertility using an app or easy to follow charts. A fertility monitor reads daily urine test strips and indicates a woman's fertility as low, high or peak. Other biological signs of fertility such as cervical mucous or basal body temperature may also be used to identify a fertile window.


Special Circumstances

While other methods of Natural Family Planning may not be suitable for women with irregular cycles or special circumstances, researchers at Marquette University have specialized protocols for these women and couples to follow. The Marquette Method is popular among women who are breastfeeding due to its specialized breastfeeding protocols. The Marquette Method can also be used by women who have irregular cycles, short/long cycles, are perimenopausal, and for those wishing to stop taking hormonal contraceptives.

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Learn the Marquette Method

Totally Yours Family Medicine offers comprehensive natural family planning instruction and counselling in the Marquette Method. Couples are instructed by a physician who has undergone extensive training in the method through Marquette University. Learning the method involves an initial video class (private pay) and then several follow-ups. Unlimited follow-ups are provided by phone or video at no cost for those with a valid Ontario health card (for 2 years).

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