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Clinic Announcements

As of December 1st, 2022, there are significant changes to funding of virtual care in Ontario. 

To meet new requirements, we have made necessary changes to our clinic offerings.


Please visit our "Pricing and Services" page for information on what is now covered by OHIP. Essentially, "Teach me about NFP" and "NFP Follow-ups/Questions" will continue to be OHIP covered while “Learning the Marquette Method” will now be an individual or group class that will be private pay.


The Ontario government is also requiring virtual providers to use verified software program to provide virtual care. As a result, you can still book through Jane software and a secure verified video link will be sent to you after booking.

Currently, individual appointments are bookable online and our group class is also bookable online. For individual classes, please e-mail to register. 

  • Dr. Stephanie Kafie will be going on maternity leave in April 2024 but will still be answering questions by e-mail for current patients.

  • Dr. Mimi Puthuparampil will be covering Dr. Kafie's maternity leave starting April 2024.

Current offerings 

​The following sessions are offered:

Teach me NFP! Consultation (see if NFP is for you)

Learn the Marquette Method 

Learn the Marquette Method (Breastfeeding Edition)

Marquette Method Follow-up Sessions


Unlimited Chart Reviews/Questions

Mother and Baby
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