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General FAQs

Who is eligible to book an appointment?

Our clinic serves all residents of Ontario. 

We do not replace your family doctor. Patients must have a valid OHIP card. 

What is the cost of your services?

Starting December 1st, 2022, Ontario's Ministry of Health implemented changes to virtual care for patients who have not seen their virtual provider in-person. As a result, there will be a cost for Marquette Method instructional classes which are not covered by OHIP. Follow-up appointments will continue to be covered by OHIP. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

We offer pre-booked appointments. Check our schedule to book or add yourself to our waitlist.

What do I do if I have an urgent medical concern for myself or my child?

Do not hesitate to call 911 and to visit your local emergency room.

Can you refill all of my prescriptions?

Generally, the best person to refill prescriptions is the original prescriber. Please see your family doctor for refills or visit an in-person or virtual walk-in clinic who can address your concerns quickly.

Will you be my family doctor?

Your family doctor needs to be able to see you in person to provide comprehensive care. We are only able to provide occasional virtual visits at this time to complement your family doctor but not replace him or her.

Why can't I book an appointment online?

Appointments are available. If none suit your schedule, please add yourself to our waitlist.

Who is on maternity leave?

As of November 2022, Dr. Kafie is back from maternity leave. Dr. Puthuparampil is off on maternity leave.

Marquette Method Natural Family Planning

What is the cost of using the Marquette Method?

The cost of using this method is quite affordable when compared to forms of hormonal contraception. The largest cost is the initial cost of purchasing a fertility monitor (approximately $225 CAD). Test strips are purchased every 3-4 months (around $45CAD for a box of 30). Generally, 10-15 tests strips are needed per cycle for women who have cycles between 26-35 days.

Therefore, the monthly ongoing cost is about $15-22 CAD/month. 

Some extended health benefits programs/insurance plans (ex: Sunlife, Manulife, Greenshield, etc.) cover the monitor and test strips. Ask your physician for more information. 

Is this just the "rhythm method" that my high school gym teacher told me was ineffective?

This is not the rhythm method! The Marquette Method of natural family planning is safe and effective with many benefits for couples. The method uses hormone levels in urine to accurately identify a woman's fertile window.

The Marquette Method has been studied by researchers at Marquette University and has been found to be 98-100% effective for preventing pregnancy with perfect use. 

What is the effectiveness of the Marquette Method?

This method is as effective as some methods of contraception when directions and protocols are followed. Studies have found the Marquette Method to be 98-100% effective for avoiding pregnancy when directions are followed (with perfect use).

What supplies do I need to practice the Marquette Method?

The Marquette Method is flexible. You can choose any combination of fertility indicators. The method is most effective when used with a fertility monitor to measure levels of estrogen and LH in the urine. A fertility monitor and test strips are needed for optimal effectiveness (information on which ones will be provided during an appointment). 

Some women choose to only use biological indicators such as cervical mucous and basal body temperatures, in which case a thermometer would be required. Although it is harder to identify the fertile window with these indicators alone, they provide valuable insight into peak fertility.

Why should I choose the Marquette Method instead of another method of NFP or just a fertility app?

Many methods of Natural Family Planning are based on subjective readings of biological signs that can be variable and difficult to interpret. This can be frustrating for couples and result in prolonged periods of abstinence.
The Marquette Method uses a fertility monitor to take the “guesswork” out of Natural Family Planning. Couples are told if hormone levels are low, high or peak fertility and can choose to avoid or achieve pregnancy by charting and following researched Marquette protocols. Objective readings make the method very appealing to couples especially in periods of transition such as while breastfeeding or during perimenopause. 

What is an instructor-in-training in the Marquette Method?

An instructor-in-training has completed all of the course work required to teach the Marquette Method to women and couples. They must teach a certain number of couples and follow-up with them in order to obtain official teacher certification. The instructor-in-training also has a supervisor who reviews his or her work.

I want to get off the pill. Is the Marquette Method for me?

Schedule a quick consultation with us (Teach me about NFP on our booking page) and we would be happy to review your circumstances and discuss the Marquette Method with you. We are able to help women who wish to choose Natural Family Planning instead of hormonal contraceptives.

Do I need to buy supplies before learning the Marquette Method?

No. We can discuss which supplies are recommended during your appointment. Don't worry about buying anything before then. If you are wondering if the Marquette Method is for you, book a "Teach me NFP!" session to discuss your individual circumstances.

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